About AtmosPad


The AtmosPad is an X-Y Pad type controller with a two-dimensional space, which can be used to manipulate the sky and time zone in real time. Placing several environment-definition profiles called Atmos Profiles on a pad. The various sky states can be changed seamlessly with.

  • The X axis is tied to the time of day. The leftmost is 0:00 am and the rightmost is 24:00 pm.
  • The Y axis represents the change of the environment. Atmos Profiles are automatically grouped by Y-coordinate.

Depending on the position of the cursor displayed on the pad, changes in the sky between groups and facial expressions depending on the time zone within the group are determined. Also, since the cursor can be recorded as an animation, it can be used as a part for in-game cinematics such as a timeline.

Add AtmosPad to the scene

  1. Since there are AtmosPad prefabs for each pipeline under the MassiveCloudsAtmos/Prefab folder, add them to the scene.
  2. Open the AtmosPad Inspector placed in the hierarchy and specify the Directional Light in the scene for the Sun.
  3. Click the desired position of AtmosPad to change the lighting, clouds, and ambient light of the scene.

Adjust Atmos

Atmos Profile

Atmos profile can be found under the Profile/Atmos/ folder. You can edit the values ​​for each profile from the Inspector. Also, if you click the Atmos Profile located in the AtmosPad, the properties of the Atmos Profile are displayed under the AtmosPad, so you can edit the profile value here as well.

The lighting, clouds, atmospheric scattering and fog parameters are defined in the Atmos profile. Based on these values, the values ​​of multiple profiles are linearly interpolated according to the cursor position of AtmosPad.

Remove Atmos


ou can delete the placed Atmos from the context menu that is displayed by right-clicking the placed Atmos. Profile data is not deleted, only removed from AtmosPad. Select RemoveAll to remove all placed Atmos from AtmosPad.

Place Atmos

You can place it by dragging and dropping the Atmos Profile onto the AtmosPad. However, the same Atmos Profile cannot be placed in duplicate.

Move Atmos

You can move to any position on the AtmosPad by clicking once on the Atmos Profile on the AtmosPad to select it and then dragging it.