What is MaterialExporter

MaterialExporter allows you to use any mesh as a cloud renderer on the Built-in Render Pipeline. Only Stylized Cloud Profile can be materialized by MaterialExporter. Physics Cloud Profile cannot be materialized.

Clouds can be drawn by using the Massive Clouds Material Exporter to export cloud presets as materials and assigning them to any skybox mesh.

Create Material Exporter

Select Assets->Create->Mewlist->MassiveClouds->MaterialExporter from the main menu or project view context menu.

Convert to material

Open the created MaterialExporter inspector, specify the Styelized Cloud Profile, and click the Export to Material button.

Sample scene

SampleScene/Scenes - StandardRP/StylizedRendererDemo/SphereMeshCloudsDemo.unity

This scene is drawn by setting the materialized clouds on the Sphere Mesh that covers the main camera.