By creating a Physics Cloud Profile, defining the cloud shape / height / lighting parameters, and setting it in Cloud Layer of Physics Cloud Renderer You can switch between clouds.

Create Physics Cloud Profile

To create a new Physics Cloud Profile select Assets->Create->Mewlist->MassiveClouds->Physics Cloud Profile from the main menu or the context menu of the project view.

Physics Cloud Profile


  • Volume Texture
    • 3D noise texture.
  • Tiling
    • Adjust the tiling of the Volume Texture.
  • Octave
    • Adds high-frequency noise with specified magnification.
  • Octave Multiplier
    • Octave Noise influence.
  • Sculpture A - C
    • Cloud shape.
  • Warp
    • Domain warp noise intensity.
  • Softness
    • Cloud density.
    • The higher the value, the lighter the cloud looks like a fog.
  • Near Softness Scale
    • Scales the Softness value of clouds near the camera.
  • Density
    • Cloud density.
  • Scale
    • The size of the cloud.


  • Height / Thickness
    • The height range to draw the clouds.
  • Softness Top
    • Cloud top shape.
  • Softness Bottom
    • The shape of the cloud base.
  • Figure
    • The bulge of the cloud top and cloud bottom.
  • Max Distance
    • Maximum distance to draw clouds.


  • Intensity
    • Lighting strength.
  • Quality
    • Lighting quality. Please note that it has a large impact on the GPU load.
  • Scattering
    • Cloud scattering intensity.
  • Shading
    • Adjustment of cloud shade. The smaller the value, the more the outline is emphasized, and the larger the value, the more the shadow against the light source is emphasized.
  • Shading Distance
    • Cloud shade intensity.
  • Transparency
    • Cloud transparency.
  • Mie
    • Enhances lighting in the light source direction.