Installing extension package

In order to use Massive Clouds Atmos in UniversalRP or HDRP environment, you need to install the included extension package. This is not necessary in the Built-in Pipeline environment, but you can use Massive Clouds Atmos in the UniversalRP HDRP environment.

The extension package is located under the MassiveCloudsAtmos folder.

  • MassiveCloudsAtmos-HDRP-x.x.x Extension package for HDRP
  • MassiveCloudsAtmos-UniversalRP-x.x.x Extension package for UniversalRP

Starting the Setup Wizard

  • Select Window > Massive Clouds Atmos > Setup Wizard menu to launch the Setup Wizard Start Setup Wizard

Setup Preloaded Shaders

Press the Fix Now button on the Preloaded Shaders. Press the Preloaded button in the Project Settings > Graphics Settings. MassiveCloudsShaderVariants.shadervariants will be added to the Shaders.

Make sure the wizard has no error and open the 2. Scene Setup.

Setup with the Wizard

The setup wizard supports the appropriate setup for each pipeline. The settings are different for each pipeline, so you can check the wizard’s display what action required next.

Click on the following buttons at the points where you need to set up your scene, select objects, etc.

  • Click the Fix now button
  • Object selection UI
  • The Install button