Create a Stylized Cloud Profile, define the cloud shape, height and lighting parameters, and set it to Layers of Stylized Cloud Renderer Can be switched.

Stylized Cloud Profile の作成

To create a new Stylized Cloud Profile, select Assets->Create->Mewlist->MassiveClouds->Stylized Cloud Profile from the main menu or project view context menu.

Volume Texture Parameters


  • Volume Texture
    • Specify 3DTexture data that determines the shape of the cloud. Various noise textures and shape textures are prepared in the Texture folder.
  • Tiling
    • Adjust the tiling of the 3DTexture. X: Horizontal direction Y: Vertical tiling value.
  • Renderer
    • Surface
      • Lighting like an opaque object
    • Lucid
      • Suitable for transparent clouds, but lacks directionality in lighting
    • Solid
      • Directional lighting with highlighted highlights
    • Authentic
      • Realistic lighting and little noise. You can draw without losing detail even when the camera rushes into the cloud

Shape Parameters

Renderer Renderer

  • Horizontal
    • Draws clouds horizontally. You can express clouds in a more distant view.
  • Relative Height
    • Adjust the drawing position of the clouds. When Horizontal is checked, the cloud is drawn at the position of the relative height from the camera. Even if the height of the camera changes *, the distance to the cloud will not change.
  • Softness Top / Softness Bottom
    • Adjust the softness of the top and bottom surfaces. When this value is set to a large value, the surface that becomes the boundary of clouds in the Horizontal mode becomes soft.
  • Figure
    • Adjust the degree of scraping on the top and bottom surfaces. The higher the value, the more the cloud top can be emphasized.
  • Height
    • Specifies the height of the bottom/top of the cloud.
  • Thickness
    • Specify the depth of the cloud.
  • From Distance
    • Specifies the distance from the camera to start drawing the cloud.
  • Max Distance
    • Specifies the maximum distance the clouds are drawn.
  • Octave
    • Adjust the details of the clouds. If this value is set large, the cloud will be drawn in more detail.
  • Detail Distance
    • Specifies the distance to add detail to the near clouds.
  • Sculpture
    • Adjust the depth of cloud carving.
  • Density
    • Adjust the cloud density. When this value is set high, it changes so that it covers the entire sky.
  • Scale
    • Adjust the scale of the volume texture.
  • Softness
    • Adjust the smoothness of the clouds. When this value is set large, the boundary between the cloud and the sky becomes soft.

Raymarching Parameters


  • Iteration
    • Specifies the number of loops for ray marching. The larger the value, the finer the drawing becomes, but the GPU load increases. It is recommended to set a low value in environments with low GPU performance such as mobile environments.
    • ※ Not used by the Authentic renderer.
  • Dissolve
    • Adjust the strength of the background color. If this value is set to a large value, the background and cloud colors become compatible.
  • Far Dissolve
    • Matches distant clouds with the background color.
  • Fade
    • Adjust clouds in the distant view. If this value is set large, the clouds in the distant view will fit into the sky.
  • Optimize
    • The larger the value, the more the drawing process will be reduced according to the distance from the camera.

Animation Parameters


  • Scroll Velocity
    • Specifies the speed of each axis of the scroll animation.
  • Phase
    • The scroll speed of the Octave component can be changed. You can get the effect that the clouds spring and disappear.

Lighting Parameters


  • Lighting
    • Specifies the influence of Directional Light. If this value is set to a large value, it will be strongly affected by the light.
  • Direct Light
    • Emphasize the light of the surface receiving the cloud light
  • Ambient
    • Adjust how much you are affected by ambient light
  • Lighting Quality
    • It has no effect when RenderMode is Lucid or Solid.
    • Adjusts the quality of lighting calculations. If you increase this value, the GPU load will increase rapidly, so we recommend that you set it as low as possible.
  • Light Scattering
    • Sets the pseudo internal scattered light intensity.
  • Light Smoothness
    • Adjust the strength of the shadow. When this value is set high, the shadow of the cloud becomes smooth.
    • ※ Not used by the Authentic renderer.
  • Shading
    • Adjusts the strength of the shadow. Increasing this value will cause shadows to appear over a wider area.

Global Lighting Parameters


  • Global Lighting
    • Brightens (darkens) the clouds in the direction of the directional light
  • Global Lighting Range
    • The range of global lights from the sun’s position.
  • Edge Lighting
    • Brightens the edges of clouds in the direction of a directional light.

Ramp Parameters


  • Ramp
    • Draws using the Ramp texture. This is useful for setting effects such as toon shading and creating effects.
  • Ramp Texture
    • Specifies a 2D texture with Ramp information along the X axis. (The texture tiling mode is usually set to Clamp)
  • Ramp Scale
    • Adjust the scale of Ramp Texture.
  • Ramp Offset
    • Adjust the application position of Ramp Texture.
  • Ramp Strength
    • Ramp Adjusts the amount of drawing.

Shadow Parameters


  • Shadow
    • Check if you want to draw shadows
  • Shadow Softness
    • Adjusts the softness of the shadow edges.
  • Shadow Quality
    • Adjusts the quality of raycasts for detecting shadows. The larger the value, the more accurately shadows can be detected, but the GPU cost increases.
  • Shadow Strength
    • Adjust the strength of the shadow. The larger it is, the darker it becomes.
  • Shadow Threshold
    • Adjusts the screen brightness threshold for casting shadows.

Volumetric Shadow Parameters


  • Volumetric Shadow
    • Check if you want to draw volume shadows
  • Volumetric Shadow Density
    • Adjusts the shadow density.
  • Volumetric Shadow Strength
    • Adjust the degree of light scattering. The larger the size, the easier it will be for Godray.

Post Process Parameters


  • Brightness
    • Adjusts the brightness of the entire cloud.
  • Contrast
    • Adjusts the contrast of the entire cloud.
  • Transparency
    • Adjust the transparency.